About Us

Our number one goal is simple. We strive to share the name of Jesus to everyone as we are told to in Matthew 28:9-10. We found an amazing way of doing so by doing something we love, making clothes. What better way to share God's name to others than having His name on your chest? Premium shirts that represent Christ at a great price, it doesn't get any better than that.

Perks of Being an Ambassador!

1. You will receive a personalized code (Sarah15 for example) and anyone who uses your code will receive 15% off, but best of all you will receive 10% commission off of the whole order!

2. You will receive an exclusive 20% off code for yourself for life!

3. Access to an email list with exclusive ambassador-only discounts and first dibs on new drops

4. Highest earners or most active on social media at the end of every month will receive the Ambassador of the Month award! These winners will receive a bonus package of merchandise for their effort in spreading God's Word through clothing :)