About Us

Our number one goal is simple. We strive to share the name of Jesus to everyone as we are told to in Matthew 28:9-10. We found an amazing way of doing so by doing something we love, making clothes. What better way to share God's name to others than having His name on your chest? Premium shirts that represent Christ at a great price, it doesn't get any better than that.


Sterling Reed (Left) and Grant Lawrence (Right) are proud to bring you the company of Thank God.

We are two college students majoring in Business Entrepreneurship. We love business and the Lord and have found a way to combine our passions and create Thank God!

We would love for our community to be very involved with our future decisions with the company so make sure to stay connected with our Instagram page and let us know your thoughts!


Where are we from?

Presented in the picture you will see beautiful Laguna Beach, California! We are super blessed to live in such an amazing location and we make sure to Thank God every day for allowing us to stay here!