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Hey there! Grant Lawrence here, co-founder of Thank God alongside my partner, Sterling Reed. I am thrilled to write this intro as I am filled with gratitude and confidence about how God wants to use us and this brand for His glory. Our mission is straightforward: we aim to share the name of Jesus with people, just as Jesus commands us to do in Matthew 28:9-10. We’ve found a fantastic way to achieve this by doing something we love—making clothes and building a brand!! Seriously, what better way to spread the Gospel than by having His name right on your chest? You’re a walking billboard for the Kingdom—cherish this entrusted gift and let's make an impact!

Power in Gratitude: Why Thank God Exists

At Thank God, we believe in the transformative power of gratitude. As Cindy Stellar insightfully put it, "The brain cannot respond to anxiety and gratitude at the same time. It is an ‘either/or’ situation. We can feel anxious and other negative feelings, or we can feel grateful and all of the positive emotions that are associated with it." This profound truth reveals the brilliance of God's design.

Recognizing this, we created Thank God to help others foster a mindset of gratitude towards God. Our goal is to encourage you to rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances, as 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 teaches. Through our apparel and accessories, we hope to remind you of the power of gratitude and help you embrace it in your daily life. This passion for gratitude is at the heart of everything we do, driving us to create products that inspire and uplift.


Sterling Reed (Left) and Grant Lawrence (Right) are proud to bring you the company of Thank God.

As passionate entrepreneurs, we find immense joy in expressing gratitude, especially towards the deserving recipient - God. I (Grant) majored in Business Marketing and received minors in Entrepreneurship and Biblical Studies from Biola University. Sterling took several marketing classes as well and is now going full time on Thank God with myself. We love business and the Lord and have found a fun way to combine our passions and create Thank God!

We would love for our community to be very involved with our future decisions with the company so make sure to stay connected with our Instagram page and let us know your thoughts!


Where are we from?

In the picture, you will see beautiful Laguna Beach, California! We are super blessed to live in such an amazing location and we make sure to Thank God every day for allowing us to stay here!

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